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Not all roads lead to Rome

When you want a boring chore done you should give it to a lazy person. He will find the most efficient way to do the job.   And homebrewers have software. No complicated calculations, just fill in some numbers and … Continue reading

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The mystery of the smoked cheese

Here is the next challenge. Smoked cheese. Thet balcony smoker is meant for warm smoking. It feels happiest at 70 C or hotter. Perfect temperature for cheese.. Fondue.   How do you prevent the cheese turning into yellow paste?   … Continue reading

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The Dutch eel smoking championship

    Who knew that something like this exists? Since I became addicted to smoking I wanted to be here. I had no idea what to expect. Yes, there would be eels, and smoke. That was for sure. Would anybody … Continue reading

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Water rots the poles. Fools drink it.

A poor translation of a Dutch saying. Oxygen is the devil. For wine. For everything. Rust. Rotting. Fires. All caused by oxygen. Water is harmless. Oxygen is not all bad. I would not know what to do without it. But … Continue reading

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Chicken Rice

The people that know me a bit know that I am not very happy with the way we treat food in the Netherlands. A popular joke is: “What is Dutch food?” “It is your food but then we mash it … Continue reading

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