Solera, lera, whatever may be, may be

It is not a disease.




Yes, you are correct. 1880. I bought it a few years ago from my parents in Spain.


And not for a fortune. Is it a wine from 1880?

Well, yes and no. Solera is a way of blending wine.


  • The barrels of 1880 are placed on the ground.
  • Barrels of 1881 are placed on top.
  • The barrels of 1880 are partly bottled and sold.
  • The 1880 barrels are topped up with the 1881 wine.
  • On top of the 1881 wine barrels barrels of 1882 barrels are stacked to fill the 1881 barrels.
  • And so on. 


A blend of all the years from 1880 and on is created. Obviously there is not much left of the wine created in 1880.


But still: Is’nt it a great idea to drink something that has survived generations, crises and all distucting world wars?


What is a good time to drink such a wine?




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