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Apple Gate

In the past I have made apple wine several times. It is a very nice base and you can combine apples with other kinds of fruits to make it more interesting. Most of the times I used apple juice from … Continue reading

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The eternal burden of filtering

Usually I make wine from juices that I buy from the supermarket. This is wine making for the lazy. Which does not mean that I am lazy, or that the wines are not good. It is just the easiest way. … Continue reading

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Pardon Us

I’m feeling old. And that is not strange because I am old. 48. But it is not that bad. I am planning on becoming much older. This story could have many other titles. For example: The arrogance of youth. Since … Continue reading

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No Chill!

Let me start by saying that I am aware of the fact that many knowledgeable people will not agree with the next story. And I would not be surprised if they are right, and I am wrong. The next words … Continue reading

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Buy a new one!

A few years ago I bought myself a present: A wine refrigerator! I was very happy with it but also a bit ashamed of this snobbish piece of equipment which nobody really needs. You don’t get the combination of these … Continue reading

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