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Beer Kits

Who could have thought that making beer at home could be so simple? It is as easy as making lemonade. After my disappointing experiences with wine kits I was reluctant to try a beer kit but the beers are really … Continue reading

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Vacuming a smooth bag

Bags suitable for a vacuum machine have a structure inside that keeps them open so the air can be sucked out. A professional machine does not need that. It simply presses the air out from the outside. They can also … Continue reading

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The Devil is in the Details

“Where people work, mistakes are being made.” This is a Dutch saying. As a matter of fact I use this whenever I make a mistake because the opposite is also true. “If you don’t work, you don’t make mistakes”. And … Continue reading

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Champagne pilsner

This is an experiment. The goal of the experiment was to make a pilsner without the use of a refrigerator. Why? Well because I don’t have a suitable refrigerator and I am sure that lot’s of people like to make … Continue reading

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The Tsunami airlock

Fermentations can be deceiving. Look at the apple wine I tried to make yesterday. Fermentation would not start at all. I was lucky to get it going at all. And see what happens next! When the fermentation finally started I … Continue reading

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