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My Teeth may not be Beautiful…

But they are still there!   You have to love the internet. Everybody with a computer can ventilate any opinion. Even I can!   Not too long ago I stumbled on a movie. A big cola person was butchered by … Continue reading

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The Myths of Sulfite

If you learn one thing from this story let it be this: Sulfites do not kill yeast! At least not in normal quantities.Many people who wanted to make a sweet wine have encountered exploding bottles because the yeast continued their … Continue reading

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Killing Yeast Is Not Easy

A few years ago, when we started our company I had a clear moment which worried me. I realized that our products may be shipped under difficult circumstances. My main concern was temperature. Most products will be safe but what … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose your Head!

The most frustrating problem I had in beer making must be the head. I tried my best to copy a successful recipe as good as I possibly could and when the beer was finished I would be very disappointed by … Continue reading

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Ring Ring

Yes, it is ringing. Outside. But not in my house! The Ring doorbell is a really funny item. It is a doorbell which enables you to see who is in front of your door and talk with this person. With … Continue reading

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